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Avengers Czas Ultrona - 2015 online bez rejestracji

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Avengers Czas Ultrona - film zwiastun

Stocks to watch Tuesday: Lots and lots of chatter about: CGRA, CRMD , JIDG , THCZ , LIBE

Stocks to watch Monday: Twitter looks like a good buy TWTR . ADMD , NGCG , DIRV , CGRA , TLFX , BRWC

Paul posted a comment on How I started 3 days ago

What have I learned reading your post: you wont make millions trading penny stocks You drive A LOT You can host a million websites and love computersI'm soo hooked... time for me to create an account and start trading.. gotta get closer to my first m

Still investigating BRWC . Adding ERBB and CGRA tomorrow.

Stocks to watch tomorrow. Great list for tomorrow: WWIO , VOIS , AVXL , PZOO , CGRA , ERBB , BRWC

Daily stocks to watch: TLFX ( what a day and daily charts are looking steady now ),TWTR (great time to get in on Twitter) ISBG , MGON , TRBD

Kindof ironic Twitter got their numbers leaked and then tweeted, which caused their stock to crash. Working on daily stocks to watch, should be out... Show more

Live Chat is working. I need to play with it more but it is working! I will try to attend chat during normal trading hours.

Stocks to watch tomorrow: IDRA, SUWN, ECIG, RDSH, ERBB, FITX, TRTC, CMG,

Market Makers playing with TLFX this morning. Website chat is still being installed / configured. Stand by for update son this.

Stocks to watch tomorrow: MYEC NGCG ISCO FNMA ERBB FITX EKSO MJMD . Is Biotech fading?

Stocks to watch tomorrow. BION, NGCG, AVXL, PZOO, WSTI, OXIS, TLFX, GEQU View charts here:

TLFX Conference-Call on Friday, May 29 at 9:30am.

Live Chat Update! We have signed up a chat host. We are working out the customization of it. I really thought live chat would help during the day... Show more

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I broke all my rules with this stock.  It went up and I did not sell.  I could of pulled out and made a profit.  The next day, everyone shorted the stock and it crashed.  All the places  I check said it was a pump and dump ...

Stocks to watch tomorrow. AVXL, SPRO, LLEX, LOOK and TALK

I am currently holding stocks and do not have $ for new stocks tomorrow. Friday my deposit will hit will my broker. Look out Thursday night or... Show more

AVXL did well for me today! Not sure if I am going to hold or not. Lots of good chatter about it.