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TLFX Conference-Call on Friday, May 29 at 9:30am.

Live Chat Update! We have signed up a chat host. We are working out the customization of it. I really thought live chat would help during the day... Show more

Jay created new blog post TLFX What A Ride in Uncategorized 2 hours ago 56 minutes ago

I broke all my rules with this stock.  It went up and I did not sell.  I could of pulled out and made a profit.  The next day, everyone shorted the stock and it crashed.  All the places  I check said it was a pump and dump ...

TLFX on its way up BIG TIME:…

Stocks to watch tomorrow. AVXL, SPRO, LLEX, LOOK and TALK

I am currently holding stocks and do not have $ for new stocks tomorrow. Friday my deposit will hit will my broker. Look out Thursday night or... Show more

Watching TLFX today.…

Telefix Communications Holdings Inc. TLFX Board

Company Name: Telefix Communications Holdings Inc., Stock Symbol: TLFX, Industry: Electronics and components, Total Posts: 25845, Last Post: 4/22/2015 6:30:02 AM

AVXL did well for me today! Not sure if I am going to hold or not. Lots of good chatter about it.

Stocks to watch today: MEIP, TEVA, MYL . Penny Stocks to watch THCZ, NGCG, REVO, TSTS, AVXL, PVSP, BMIX

Jay updated blog post How I started in Uncategorized 5 days ago

Opening my first account.  I worked as a contractor / consultant for companies.  Everyone would talk about their 401K accounts.  The contractor position did not offer 401K or anything like this.  I thoght to my ...…

4 Biotech and Pharma Stocks Projected to Rise 50% to 100%

247 Wall St. could not help but notice four analyst calls this past week in which upside of 50% to 100% was predicted for four…

Jay updated blog post BION Stock in Uncategorized 7 days ago

Just my 2 cents... The company seems to have made some good changes. I follow a lot of penny stocks and this one does not have the "pump and dump" feel about it. They seem to be expanding and I have a really good feeling about this. I am 6500 long ...

Jay updated blog post Weekend Update in Daily Stocks To Watch 7 days ago

Weekend Stock Picks Released Click Here To View ...

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